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The best from Zug. High-quality products are made in Zug with dedication and great attention to detail. A first-class selection is available to you in the Zug Shop. Browse through the Zug Tourism online shop and choose the perfect gift for friends, relatives and team members. We are also happy to put together individual gift baskets for you. Just give us a call.

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First-class products of Zug

In our online shop you will find a large selection of regional products. From world famous Zug specialties to small souvenirs and gifts, we have put together the best of Zug for you.

In love with Zug

We are in love with Zug! Are you too?

With our products in train design you can bring a piece of the train into your home, or you can find the perfect gift for real train lovers.

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Local specialties

In Zug, everything revolves around the cherry-red fruit, the Chriesi: Sweet fruit from magnificent cherry trees, aromatic kirsch, fruity syrup, tempting cherry sticks and, of course, the world-famous cherry pie.

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Favorites of the season

Each of the four seasons is special in its own way. Each of the four seasons tastes and smells different. The season’s favorites sweeten the time and make you want to visit the picture-perfect Zug again.

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To give a present means to give someone something that you would prefer to keep for yourself. The gift baskets are lovingly put together, gift-wrapped and sent to your loved ones on request.

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