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The Etter Mini-Set contains a selection of 5 different miniature Kirsch:

Miniature Etter Vieille Prune / Plum 2cl, 41% vol
Vieille Prune is a wonderful, delicate plum speciality made from small Swiss Löhr plums. Its fruity and full-aromatic flavour comes from 3 years of careful ageing in barrels and 50 litre demijohns. A delight to the palate.

Miniature Etter Zuger Kirsch 2cl, 41% vol
This fruity, elegant classic is distilled from various types of cherries from our region. A harmonious blend of various batches and years. The classic Etter Zuger Kirsch.

Miniature Vieille Poire / Pear Williams 2cl, 40% vol
Our Vieille Poire Williams is the ideal after-dinner drink for those very special moments in life. After maturing for 3 years, wood and fruit unite to create the perfect combination. Sample it for yourself. You’ll be impressed.

Miniature Etter Quitte / Quince 2cl, 41% vol
To produce our Etter Quince we distil the highly aromatic, pear-shaped variety of quince using only organically-grown fruits from private gardens in our region. You, too, will most certainly be captivated by the fragrance! The rebirth of a time-honoured variety of fruit.

Miniature Etter Vieille Kirsch 2cl, 42% vol
This speciality gets its fine aromatic, delicate, elegant flavour by being carefully aged in wooden barrels and 50-litre demijohns. The kirsch with the feminine touch, milder thanks to the barrel storage. Complete harmony.

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