General Terms and Conditions

The German version of this GTC prevails

Conclusion of Contract

With the confirmation of an order received in writing (letter, email or internet), by telephone or in person for a merchandising good, a contract between the customer and Zug Tourism is concluded. Thereby the contractual parties – the customer and Zug Tourism – have agreed to the rights and responsibilities therein. The details are governed as follows.

Conditions for the Sale of Merchandising Goods

The sale of merchandising goods by Zug Tourism is exclusively based on the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations for sales agreements (OR, Art. 184ff.).

Prices and Services included

The prices include the value-added tax, unless otherwise stated. All prices are quoted in Swiss Francs. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Payment Conditions

Cash, Twint, EC-, Visa- and Mastercard are accepted for pick-up at the tourist office. The fees are at the expense of the customer.

In the webshop Paypal, Twint, Visa- and Mastercard are accepted.

Invoices from Zug Tourism are payable net within 30 days from the date of invoice.  In case of non-compliance with this payment deadline, Zug Tourism is entitled to charge interest on arrears as well as a reminder fee. Unauthorized discount deductions will be charged subsequently.


Zug Tourism will normally send the goods within 24 hours of receiving the order. Orders received on the weekend will be processed on Monday. Goods will be delivered per package or small goods shipment. Shipping and customs duties will be charged to the customer.


Ordered goods may not be returned. If the customer finds a defect on a delivered item, the customer has the right to notify Zug Tourism and to demand a free replacement delivery. If a replacement delivery is not possible, Zug Tourism will inform the customer. The customer may then return the item and Zug Tourism will reimburse the customer for payments made. Thereafter, the customer does not have any right to make further claims regarding reduction, replacement or compensation. Product or packing changes by the manufacturer do not qualify as a defect. Damage caused by the customer or goods that are returned because a customer does not like them will not be reimbursed by Zug Tourism.


Zug Tourism assumes the warranty service of its suppliers. In case of a warranty, the defective items and a copy of the invoice (serves as warranty certificate) must be sent to Zug Tourism. Normally the warranty service consists of a free replacement delivery. The decision to handle a warranty case differently lies with Zug Tourism. Exempt from warranty service are damaged items resulting from a modification or repair through the customer, normal use, force majeure event or from non-compliance with the operating rules. The customer does not have the right to receive a replacement item while the warranty item is being reviewed by the producer.

Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

The contract between the customer and Zug Tourism is exclusively subject to Swiss Law. The sole place of jurisdiction shall be the governing courts at 6300 Zug, Switzerland.

Data Protection

1. Confidentiality

Protecting customer privacy is a top priority for Zug Tourism makes every effort to guarantee its customers the highest possible level of data protection and security. only uses personal data (name, delivery address, invoice address, email, telephone number) of buyers to process the order. The relevant legal data protection provisions are complied with.

The data is stored on a server from TinCan Media GmbH, which is located in a secured data centre from Digital Ocean Inc., 101 Avenue of the Americas, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10013, USA and in the computer centres of Interxion Deutschland GmbH, Hanauer Landstraße 298, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany and Equinix Netherlands (for backup systems), Luttenbergweg 4, 1101 EC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2. Use of Data

The data requested during the order and payment processes are used to process the order. The data collected by Zug Tourism during the order process can only be used for direct advertising, if this is explicitly requested. Except for the abovementioned exception, no data is given to third parties, unless legally required to do so or as the result of a judicial ruling.

The customer has the choice to decide at anytime, during the first time registration or later while changing the booking information, whether they agree that booking data may be used for direct advertising or whether they clearly do not wish this to happen.

In connection with processing the order, credit card data (personal data, validity of the credit card, credit card limit and coverage through the credit card company) is sent to the corresponding credit card company (Stripe Inc., 185 Berry Street, Suite 550, San Francisco, CA 94107). All such data is only used by the credit card company to process the customer payment. The customer clearly consents to giving the order and payment data to the credit card company for the sole purpose of processing the data.

Furthermore, Zug Tourism is required to provide the delivering parcel service company with all the relevant data, so that the ordered goods can be correctly delivered to the customer. The data is not used for any other purpose.

The customer has the right to view the stored data anytime, free of charge. The customer can ask Zug Tourism to provide the requested documents.

The customer also has the option of having his booking data deleted at any time by, insofar as this does not affect current purchase orders.

3. SSL Encryption

When placing an order via, customers must enter sensitive data (name, address, maybe a credit card number, etc.) in the requested form. The transmission of this data between the browser and is done using an encrypted SSL connection (secure socket layer).

SSL is a secure transmission method for data transfer and it offers the following advantages:

  • The server with which the data is exchanged is uniquely identified using a registered (SSL) certificate.
    • The data exchange takes place using an encrypted connection that cannot be deciphered by third parties (min. 128-bit encryption).
  • For the optimal security, the buyer must use a current version of one of the common browsers. Older browser versions do not correctly support the use of certificates.

4. Cookies

The so-called „cookies“ are generally used to guarantee a smooth functioning of the shopping cart and to make it possible to identify the user during the purchasing process or when the same user is on the website at a later point in time. The website does use cookies.

5. Right to Information and Right of Revocation

Customers are entitled to receive information concerning any of their stored personal data or to revoke the right to process or store personal data – at any time and free of charge.

For questions, inquiries or comments about data protection when using, if and what personal data is stored, or if the stored data must be changed or deleted, then customers can contact Zug Tourism at anytime.

6. Communication

With the exception of the order process via the available online form, most of the correspondence between the customer and Zug Tourism will be per email. User emails will be stored on local computers and solely be used accordance with this Data Protection Agreement.

7. Legal Foundation

The Swiss Federal Law on Data Protection (LPD) and the Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) provide the foundation for this Data Protection Statement.