Scented Candle “Chriesi-Stadt”

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The scent of Chriesi-Stadt candle from Peïthō brings with it the memory of a long-standing tradition. Its sweet aroma of cherries and raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant is reminiscent of the beloved city of Zug, where the cherry blossom flourishes for miles around. This city has been celebrated for generations as the origin of many cherry recipes, passed down through generations.

Lighting the Chriesi-Stadt candle is like taking a trip to Zug through time. It brings back memories of fresh, juicy fruit harvested off trees by happy children, creating that familiar smell of summer that lingers in the air. With your eyes closed and this candle burning, you can almost feel the warmth of a midsummer’s day, where laughter and joy fill the streets and everyone shares a special bond over sweet cherries.

Let the Chriesi-Stadt candle carry you back to sunny days in Zug, as it serves as a reminder of this region’s cherished tradition.

Manufacturer: Peïthō Perfumes

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